The Sufi Healing Order

Devi Tide is the main leader of the Sufi Healing Order. The Sufi Healing Order is an international organization dedicated to nurturing and developing spiritual healing in our time. More information is available HERE.

The Indigenous Grandmothers

Devi Tide is one of the Grandmothers. The Indigenous Grandmothers are medicine carriers, wisdom bearers, and spiritual elders from indigenous tribes—including the Maori, Ojibwe, Hopi, Mayan, and Sufi traditions. They believe that all traditions have all expressed the same sacred truth: We are one world family and we serve as the caretakers of the planet, along with its multitude of living creatures, all of whom are our kin. 

These traditional and indigenous grandmothers travel the world together to experience timeless wisdom, solidarity, inspiration, and hope for the future. They also bear witness to the wounds of people and the Earth, offering traditional wisdom and healing practices that are needed now more than ever—to ease environmental degradation, war, and other social ills.